About us

The brand name Roko is the property of MedCaffè srl. The company was founded in Naples in 2003 and taken over in July 2015 by Projeko Srl, a company already operating in the roasted coffee sector. The activities of the group entail purchasing and processing the raw materials in the countries of origin, and transforming and marketing the blends.
From 2015 to date MedCaffè Srl has undergone important commercial reorganization and image restyling, with a constant focus on the product.

The premium quality of the blends is guaranteed by the team of experts who monitor all the stages of processing: choosing the raw materials, making up the blends and roasting, where with art, passion and culture the Roko products are created.
With several decades of experience in the world of coffee, Ennio Giardino, sole administrator of MedCaffè, has worked over the past few months on extending the range of products, which previously related only to the vending channels, also to coffee bars and supermarkets, to meet the demands of the various types of consumers.

Every stage of production at our roasting plant is followed with care and professionalism to guarantee excellent espresso at the office, coffee bar and at home.
A short virtual tour of the Caffè Roko roasting plant shows the different stages in the production from the arrival of the raw coffee in sacks to the packaging.

The result is an excellent quality espresso at the office, at the coffee bar and at home.
Careful selection of the raw materials is guaranteed by our experts, who follow all the stages in the production: making up the blends, roasting and, finally, packaging, where with art, passion and culture the Roko blends are created.