Coffee Bar

Take a break at the coffee bar with Roko: available in beans (1000 g – 2.2 lbs) in the four blends: Gold, Top, Classico, and Dek.
Gold has a rounded flavour and intense aroma, Top espresso has a decisive flavour and full body, Classico has a decisive flavour and engulfing aroma, and finally for those who prefer decaffeinated, Dek espresso has a delicate flavour and rich aroma.

Rounded flavour and intense aroma

A premium blend of Arabica coffee prevalently from Central and South America. The in-cup result is a full-bodied coffee with a rounded, mild flavour and intense aroma with a note of roasted hazelnuts.

Sweet flavour and full body

A prestigious blend of coffee from the high plateaux of South America and South-east Asian plantations, with a sweet taste and thick crema with sweet notes of chocolate and dried fruit.

Decisive flavour and engulfing aroma

A blend of Brazilian Arabica and African Robusta for a full-bodied, rounded coffee. The masterly roasting brings out its intense character: coffee with a smooth texture, engulfing aroma and a truly unmistakeable flavour.

Delicate flavour and rich aroma

Dek is a decaffeinated blend of meticulously selected coffees and is perfect for any hour of the day. The particular characteristic of this blend is the combination of different types of Arabica with a sweet aroma and rounded body. The beans undergo careful processing and masterly roasting to create a premium quality product.